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Fast internet service is not an illusion or someone else's bragging rights when you get WildBlue ViaSat Exede fast internet via satellite. WildBlue fast internet gives you broadband capacity anywhere in the contiguous United States. That includes even the most rural, remote and outlying areas where dial-up has previously been the only option for going online. Cable and DSL may not be coming to those areas anytime soon depending on population growth benchmarks. WildBlue fast internet service is not tied to how many or how few people live in your area. Hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers use WildBlue fast internet service.

With a clear view of the Southern sky from your minidish our satellites can communicate with your computer, giving you speeds up to 30x faster than dial-up, anytime of the day or night, with no separate login for connection needed.

We offer three major plans for our customers depending on how you use the internet. We can adjust your plan should your needs change in future. You get fast internet service, a modem we connect to your computer or wireless router if you have several computers and a mini-dish that we attach securely outside your home. Whether you have one computer or several computers, all get the same fast speeds. Our skilled WildBlue fast internet installer will get you completely set up in about 2-3 hours for most locations, even remote sites. Things are done carefully and professionally to ensure your system is set up properly and that you are good to go.

With any of the three plans you can choose from you will receive 10 email accounts powered by Google with an upgraded capacity, free.

  • Google email is a great system that you'll likely find easy to use once you try it. It has a clean, de-cluttered look free of junky stuff that forces you to click here and there just to get to your email.
  • Now you can use Google-chat and Google video chat, Google documents, Google's calendar to manage your time, Google images, blogs, shopping and more.

It's easy when your connection speeds are up to 30x faster than dial-up. Plus, you get access to more than 2,000 Google gadgets to customize and personalize your home page if you want to. Your home page will already display news, weather, sports and entertainment and then you can mix it up and change things around to suit your preferences.

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