Smart Technologies

Flexible, Fast, Efficient, and Convenient.

Our innovative SmartTechnologies™ give your Internet experience a boost so you can do more with less data and get the most out of your plan. This suite of built-in technologies makes HughesNet® Gen5 the best choice for satellite Internet.


Smart Technologies Features

Hughes leveraged decades of experience in satellite technology and service to develop SmartTechnologies. These revolutionary service enhancements let customers do more of what they want online without interruptions or running over their monthly data allowances. Best of all, they are built in to all of the plans offered by HughesNet.

Now you can continue emailing or browsing online even if you exceeded your monthly data allowance, experience decreased load times giving you a better online experience, download more content with automatic compression which reduces your file sizes by up to 30%, and keep track of your data with the HughesNet status meter. With the new, advanced data-saving features of HughesNet Gen5, you get even more value from your Internet service!

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