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One-Way Satellite Internet vs. Two-Way Satellite Internet

One-way satellite Internet systems are used with dial-up internet access. Data sent from your computer travels through a phone modem but the data your computer receives is transmitted via satellite. Exede Internet WildBlue Satellite internet uses a two-way satellite internet service. With two-way satellite internet service, data is sent and received from a remote satellite to a hub port, and this teleport then sends data via the Internet. It's an upgrade to a faster, smoother system. There is a satellite dish at each location and we provide you with your minidish at time of installation. WildBlue satellites are in constant orbit in deep space. Our modems use advanced technology that's very valuable yet we offer you affordable rates and incentives that help you benefit from the technology without having to pay to develop it!

Now you can get broadband satellite Internet for rural internet service from WildBlue at the lowest prices we've ever offered. Get high-speed internet benefits at low costs now. Simply fill out the contact form or call us today at 844-326-2923.

Satellite technology is fascinating if you want to explore the details. WildBlue is a highly respected provider of satellite internet service for customers whose personal or business internet use demands freedom from the agonizingly slow wait times that dial-up offers. Until satellite technology from WildBlue many customers in rural and remote outlying areas had one choice: dial up. Today, satellite internet is available virtually everywhere in the contiguous U.S. where dial-up service is available. With WildBlue, your speed is dramatically improved.

WildBlue satellite internet offers speeds up to 30x faster than dial-up. So whether your internet use is strictly for personal enjoyment for emails, social networking and getting the news; or you are a heavy user with multiple computers operating at once and the need to share large files, or somewhere in between the two, we have an ideal plan suited to your needs. And our incentives and deals are better now than ever. Please call us for details at 866-300-1222.

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