HughesNet Satellite Internet Installation is Professional and Simple

Hughsnet Installation
HughesNet Satellite Internet
Installation is Professional and Simple

Free Standard Installation for Your HughesNet Satellite Internet Service

After you set up an account for HughesNet satellite Internet, you will be able to take advantage of free standard installation services provided by an authorized service provider. Here is a breakdown of your installation service:

Service Call: The authorized installation technician will contact you within 3 days after account activation to schedule a day to install your HughesNet Internet.

Equipment Checklist: The technician will bring all the equipment on the day of the installation setup. The equipment will consist of: one HughesNet satellite Internet antenna, one Hughesnet satellite Internet modem, mounting equipment, RG-6 dual cable (125-feet long), HughesNet LAN cable, and a grounding block.

Installation Process: Once the technician arrives at your home, they will ask about the best place to set up your HughesNet satellite antenna and modem. They will mount the equipment on the roof or side of the house so that it can be reached with a 24-foot ladder so it can be serviced. After mounting the equipment, the technician will install the RG-6 cable to the antenna and place it through the exterior wall. They will attach a two-plug faceplate on an interior wall and connect the HughesNet modem to the faceplate plugs as well as to your computer with the LAN cable. Lastly, they will ground the system to the approved NEC-approved bonding point.

Set up Your HughesNet Satellite Internet Service Today

Don't wait another minute if you are tired of the lackluster Internet performance offered by the other service providers. Get the high-speed and secure connections offered by Hughesnet. Our customer service representative can offer more information about this satellite Internet technology and help you select the right service plan that will fit into your online lifestyle. So call us today for HughesNet services.

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