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Satellite Internet Service Providers in Vermont from Exede (formerly Wildblue)

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Vermont is like many other states in the country. There are large urban areas, there are mid-size communities and there are more rural type areas. There are also hundreds of small towns and communities spread out all over the state. This has created problems that other large states have had to face when it comes to combining rural and urban services. The expense of extending some infrastructure lines miles outside of a densely populated area becomes a task that is never finished or abandoned completely. Even large telecommunication and cable companies avoid installing equipment in these rural areas. They usually think that the number of potential customers in the area do not warrant the costs involved.

This can be very frustrating when looking for Internet access in Vermont. Old phone lines can make a digital subscriber line (DSL) impractical or ineffective. Anyone who is living more than 30 miles from a central switching station will experience greatly reduced download speeds even if the DSL actually connects. Cable companies offer Internet access in Vermont but will not travel out to every location for installation. There are even areas where cable companies have no plans to install fiber optic cabling so that residents will never have cable Internet access as an option.

One solution to the problem of Internet access in Vermont is to use satellite Internet from Exede(formerly Wildblue). Satellite internet can deliver speeds that are faster than some cable modems directly into a home. Exede(formerly Wildblue) is one of the top providers of satellite Internet (rural internet) in the country and has experience maintaining maximum network speeds for all customers. Additionally, Exede (Wildblue) has multiple Internet service plans. This means that a home can choose exactly how much access is needed and pay for only that level of service. This is different from cable and DSL companies that force bundled services and hidden fees on new customers.

Exede (Wildblue) satellite Internet can reach every part of Vermont because the signal is broadcast from orbit. It is received by a small satellite dish that is installed outside of the home in a discrete location with a direct line of sight to the sky. The only piece of equipment that must be kept inside of the home is a satellite modem that connects directly to the computer or laptop that is being used. New customers have the initial dish and modem installed by professionals who will ensure that the fastest signal possible is being received.

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