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One of things that people love about Rocky Face is that it is a small town. It is rural and away from the congestion in Whitfield. All of the space and lack of sprawl that makes living in Rocky Face,GA enjoyable also makes it an area that does not have a strong and reliable public infrastructure. The town is not even incorporated and shares some internet provider services with other cities Whitfield. A lack of a decent infrastructure is a problem for many of the smaller communities throughout Georgia. One of the last services to arrive in Rocky Face has been Internet providers access.

Traditional Internet Service access has been delivered through phone lines. Dial-up services require antiquated modems that are not present in most modern computer devices. Dial-up is also incredibly slow internet provider service and takes a long time to load even the simplest websites with graphics. A digital subscriber line (DSL) can provide broadband access through phone lines. DSL requires that the correct infrastructure exist between the home and the central switching station for the local telephone provider. This does not always exist in all of Rocky Face. DSL and Cable is also very dependent on distance in order to deliver fast access. Rocky Face is far enough away from Whitfield so that DSL and Cable signals degrade and provide only minimal download speeds.

One option that is available in every part of Rocky Face,GA is satellite Internet, rural internet service through Exede (formerly Wildblue). Satellite Internet service provider access delivers the Internet directly into the home from satellites that are sitting in orbit. Installation is very simple and only requires a small mini-dish that is mounted on the side of the home or in a clear area under open skies. This dish receives the signal and then sends it into the home through a standard cable. The only other requirement is a satellite modem in the home that connects directly to a computer or laptop.

Exede provides residents of Rocky Face with the fastest satellite Internet providers and installer service available. Download speeds can reach a maximum of 12 megabits per second so that streaming media and large files are downloaded in a fraction of the time that DSL would take. There are several service plans available through Exede so that every home can get the level of access that is needed. Installation is performed by trained professionals and generally occurs in less than two weeks after ordering. Package deals and discounts on initial monthly fees and installation charges are also available. Internet Service in Rocky Face, GA.

Exede (Wildblue) Zip Codes in Rocky Face  30740

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