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Precious minutes tick by, then hours, then the day is just about over and you have only just uploaded a resume to a potential employer. In the meantime, your phone was busy for about 4 hours while this was taking place so no one could get through. Dial up is a arcane method of doing anything on the Internet. Living in a rural area where DSL and Broadband are meaningless luxuries, with no providers of those great time saving services anywhere near your mountain home, no longer has to be a problem for you.

It is time to get with the jet set and switch to faster speeds via satellite Internet access. It is possible that your area is eligible for this great service with Direcway Satellite Internet Service. Hight speed is the only way that a person living in a rural area can qualify for jobs on the web that require high speed for the work that needs to be done. Although this is not a land line and many online employers still require a dedicated land line high speed Internet Service Provider, some jobs only need you to be able to upload and download information and data at professional high speed. Also, if you want to get that graduate degree, you can qualify for the technical requirements for high speed service with Direcway Satellite Internet.

There are so many good reasons to inquire about availability in your area of this service. Life is far too short for anyone to be waiting ten, fifteen and even thirty minutes for web pages to download to a computer. Shopping and working online and adding photos to the family sharing internet site will no longer take all day. Watching television and international broadcasts is also possible online but only with high speed Internet service. Watching any video online with dial up is impossible. The price is also just as affordable as any land line broadband and DSL provider and the speed is up to 4 times faster than regular DSL.

It really just does not make sense anymore to continue to waste valuable family time, leisure time, work time and tie up your telephone using dial up service. Time is money and even if dial up may seem like the answer as in cheap service, wouldn't it be better to have the whole day to yourself after uploading the latest family photos in minutes rather than hours? Direcway Satellite Internet can make save time and make life a lot more fun.

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