The new HughesNet boasts even faster speeds and is chock full of new features, but how is it different from Gen 4? HughesNet has included a chart below so you can easily compare HughesNet Gen 4 and HughesNet Gen 5.

HughesNet Gen4 HughesNet Gen5
SmartTechnologiesTM SmartTechnologiesTM
(don’t refer to individual technology names)
SmartFetchTM, SmartCompressionTM, SmartResourcesTM N/A
SmartBrowsing No hard data limits
Bonus Bytes Bonus Zone
Data Allowance Data (or Service Plan Data)
Anytime Anytime Data
Satellite Modem Wi-Fi Modem
Tokens Data Tokens
Plan Names: Choice, Prime, Pro, Max Plan Names: 10 GB, 20 GB, 30 GB, 50 GB
Status Meter Usage Meter
Upfront Lease Fee Lease Set-up Fee
N/A Video Data Saver

HughesNet Gen 5 Extras

HughesNet® Gen5 also includes new data-saving features to get the most out of your service:

  • Automatically adjusts streaming video for great picture quality while using less data.
  • Automatically compresses and optimizes Web content with built-in SmartTechnologies, to make Web pages load faster and use less data
  • 50 GB/month of FREE data to use during off-peak hours (2am- 8am)
  • Use this free data to download large files like movies, system updates for your computer, tablet, or smart phone‐and more.

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