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Exede Broadband by Viasat (formerly WildBlue) gives you broadband high speed internet via satellite. Our satellite technology has brought hundreds of thousands of customers into the digital age. You can have WildBlue ViaSat Exede broadband high speed internet via satellite service regardless of where you are located in the contiguous United States. In a rural or remote location? No worries; we specialize in rural and remote locations. All we need is a clear line of vision from the minidish we install at your residence up to the Southern sky. It's that simple. Exede broadband satellite internet leaves the slow wait times of dial-up in the dust. Free up your phone line so you can make and receive calls while you are online without affecting your high speed internet one bit.

Many people think they can wait for broadband or DSL service to arrive in their area, and they are right in one sense: you're always free to wait. But you may be waiting for something that's not going to happen because population density in your area has not met, and may not ever meet, thresholds where these services can be added. So what we're suggesting is, use the internet more productively, more often, without hassles or fears of slow connection times. It's affordable with our plans and incentives. Call us at 844-326-2923.

Whether you use the internet primarily for getting your email and for checking in on the news, weather and sports; or whether you are a heavy surfer who loves to share music and digital files with others; or even if you are a large family or professional group with multiple computers and laptops and heavy email and file download needs, Exede High Speed Internet Via Satellite Has a Plan that's just right for you. Our plans are affordable and we have incentives and deals right now that are extremely attractive.

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Whether you have thought about taking online classes, using social media more, perhaps blogging or keeping up with your customers online if you have a business, broadband high speed internet via satellite is the perfect technology for you and Exede welcomes you to our satisfied family of customers.

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