Why Your Household Needs HughesNet Gen5

When it comes to money, you want the best quality Internet product at the most economical price. You work hard and don’t want a cheap substitute that can’t perform up to the standards you require.You want service with a smile and help whenever you need it.

Welcome to HughesNet. The HughesNet company has been in the Internet business for over 40 years. Hughes innovation started the Internet! You won’t find a more dedicated company to bring you the most innovative technology with the highest standards. Our highly qualified engineers work 24/7 to answer your questions and address your needs. HughesNet knows the Internet.

HughesNet Satellite Internet is available no matter where you live. A variety of data plans are available to suit your budget and are geared to the type of usage you need.

HughesNet works with any Windows or MAC operating system. It is wireless - no phone line or cable company required. Hughes Network Operation Centers constantly monitor systems to assure spectacular service.

As a leader in the industry, HughesNet has recently added SmartTechnologies to be included in plans Prime Plus and up. SmartTechnologies offer you the opportunity to manage your data more efficiently. This greatly increases the value of your plan. SmartFetch and SmartCompression allow you to manipulate your browsing to make it faster and more efficient. SmartResources allows you constant viewing of your data allowance. You may also use Tokens to buy more data if needed. And you can do that online. SmartBrowsing is a source for emailing and browsing in the event you have gone over your data allowance. HughesNet keeps you connected.

HughesNet also offers Express Repair for those ‘just in case’ moments. When you rely on your Internet for work, school and news, you can’t afford an outage. When that moment occurs, HughesNet can have you up and running by the next business day.

HughesNet has installed over 2.5 million systems all over the world. Experience, performance, value, a trusted name, edgy technology. These are what Hughesnet brings to your home.

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